Field Of Dreams

The COVID-19 pandemic also prompted MLB to cancel the London Series (Chicago Cubs vs St. Louis Cardinals), the Mexico City Series (San Diego Padres vs Arizona Diamondbacks), and the Puerto Rico Series (New York Mets vs Miami Marlins), events designed to promote the game. The good news is Minnesota Twins & Detroit Tigers got their Dominican Republic Game in before postponements happened. As of now, the Field of Dreams Game (Chicago White Sox vs New York Yankees) on August 13, 2020 is still on the schedule, COVID-19 permitting off course.

The Lansing Family (former owners) sold their estate to “Go The Distance Baseball, LLC.” in 2013. Hall of Famer Wade Boggs was a part of this investment group. Back then, they promised to preserve the field and existing buildings plus add “All-Star Park Heaven”, a complex of fields for youth tournaments and an indoor training facility. “Is it Heaven? No, it’s Iowa.” the site of the home used in filming of “Field of Dreams,” starring Kevin Costner. located in Dyersville, Iowa. Its been 30 years since the movie Field of Dreams was filmed here. Was it purely accidental or was it destiny? Call it what you may. Looking back, it seemed highly unlikely that this story would go from novel, to classic film, to an icon in American Culture.

Cornstalks don’t start to reach full height until July. Harvesting is in mid-September. So in June, it still looks a little bare beyond the outfield. To ensure full height of corn stalks, filming revolved around the corn season, and during a historic drought. The production crew devised an irrigation system that would speed up corn growth. 300,000 stalks of fake silk corn were ordered from Taiwan in case irrigation didn’t work. The movie has taken on a life of its own. Although, there are baseball purists who cry foul at actor Ray Liotta’s portrayal of Shoeless Joe Jackson among other things.

Just 2-3 miles from US-20, the change from public road to rural property is sudden, as you exit the sound of traffic and are instantly surrounded by farm life and gravel roads. You may find a typical red barn or cattle grazing. Approaching a short bridge, it all starts to come into focus. You can see the site, from a distance. Its safe to say that most visitors take a pause, before crossing the bridge, to check and see if its real. As the car and the numbing sound of tires rolling over the gravel road come to a halt, its undeniable that you are here. Regardless of any renovations, improvements, or changes made to the property, it still feels like a dream.

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